About Us

We are the Clarendon College Alumni Association – South Florida Chapter


In 1998, a group of past students came together and formed the Chapter. Through annual formal and informal fundraising events, we have continued to live up to our mission statement: “To promote the success and well-being of Clarendon College and its students through our contributions, and support identified projects locally and internationally, in a spirit of unity and cooperation, forged by our common heritage.”

We are proud of our achievements, having donated over $90,000 in scholarship funds since 2003. While our organization exists to support Clarendon College through financial gifts for needy and deserving students. We also consistently contribute to the South Florida community. Locally, we have supported such organizations as the Broward County Sickle Cell Foundation, the Food Bank, and more through our efforts.

Clarendon College Alumni Association – South Florida Chapter, a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization.


President - Ileen Williams

President – Ileen Williams

Vice President - Dawn Simpson-Walters

Vice President – Dawn Simpson-Walters

Treasurer - Lorna Henriques

Treasurer – Lorna Henriques

Asst. - Donny Scott

Asst. – Treasurer – Woodrow Scott







Secretary - Bethany Powell

Secretary – Bethany Powell

Asst. Secretary - Paulette Richards-Harvey

Asst. Secretary – Paulette Richards-Harvey

Public Realtions - Sonia Pollack

Public Realtions – Sonia Polack