History of Clarendon College



In 1942, there were quite a few high schools in existence in Jamaica. However, there was none in the rural parish of Clarendon for the children of the farmers. A young Congregational Minister, the Reverend Lester Davy, was determined to change that. He laid his plans, did all the legwork and the paperwork, and in a church service at Salem Congregational Church in Chapelton, he launched his dreams with the phrase:  “Tomorrow, by God’s grace, I shall light a candle in Chapelton, whose flame shall never be put out.”

This promising start met tragedy very early. Twenty-eight days after the school was founded, he traveled to Kingston to purchase textbooks and school supplies. He was running late that morning, but the driver held the train for him. Unfortunately, the train carrying Rev. Davy crashed, killing him. The local citizens, church pastors and church members refused to let the dream die with him, and today the flame burns on.  The school which started with a handful of students now educates almost 2000.  Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, Teachers, Engineers and more have graduated from the school.  Thanks to the dream of Rev. Lester Davy, we have been inspired to keep the flame burning.